What makes our culture so unique?

When the very best people come together, the magic starts to happen.

How is Human different from Ethereum or other blockchains?

Human doesn’t try to compete with Ethereum or other blockchains. The only reason Human is building a blockchain is to solve the human uniqueness problem. We believe that the currency that is distributed to everyone has value only if it’s powered by consensus. We also don’t want a world where one centralized company will own the identities of 8 billion people with its own currency - it’ll become more powerful than any government, and we want this technology to be owned by the world. Human supports EVM.

What‘re some technical challenges that you have mastered?

  • We’ve built a mobile app on iOS & Android with fully working verification (which has p2p Webrtc video calls, SMTP servers, and simple biometrics), ID, wallet, centralized backend, and zk-proofs.

  • We have built the first simple version of the blockchain where each node has only one vote.

  • We’ve done lots of research on human verification and decentralization.

  • We have Human 2.0 described (not a whitepaper yet) — a scalable and secure version of our consensus using sharding with the possibility of executing 1m transactions per second.

What’s your timeline?

We are currently rolling out the Human Beta to our first users to perfect our product. Verification is going to be transferred fully on chain in January. Testnet is coming in Feb. We have unofficial release dates planned — if you’re interested, please talk to Kirill.

How does an app look?

You can join our discord today for starting using Human App alpha: discord.com/invite/joinhuman

How to delete your Human App account

If you decide to leave the Human App, you have the option to delete your account. When you do this, your personal information will remain within the Human Network, but it won't be associated with your identity and Human App account anymore.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Go to your account settings.

  2. Click on "Manage my data."

  3. Select the option to "Delete my account."

How to contact support

The fastest way to get answers to your questions is through our FAQ page.

If you need to talk to a support specialist, the best way to contact us is via in-app support button. Tap on your Settings (circle on the bottom right corner on the menu) → Contact support → Type your message and contact us OR just simply send us email on support@joinhuman.com;

We’re happy to help.

Any further questions? Reach out to kirill@joinhuman.com!

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Get major news about the project.

No spam, we promise

Stay in the loop

Human ID is issued to everyone only one time, needs to be verified by your friend